AI Email Generator : Informal Business Email

Email is the most effective channel for B2B marketing, but writing the perfect email can be tough. With, you can quickly write an engaging, personalized email that doesn’t sound like it was written by a robot.

By using our platform, you’re helping us train one of the most powerful, accurate AI’s for text generation today. We’re using machine learning techniques to train our system to learn the best writing style for any given topic. You just need to tell us who you want to talk to and what you need to say: We’ll write down the rest.

What can I use this tool to achieve?

  1. Generate emails that sound natural and personalized, rather than robotic and generic
  2. Save time while reaching out to potential customers or keeping in touch with existing customers via email
  3. Write engaging and personalized emails with ease


The AI email generator is an easy way to generate emails based on keywords related to your business or product. The tool helps businesses write more appealing emails by leveraging AI technology to generate a personalized email within 60 seconds.

  • Generate emails based on keywords and intention
  • Generate emails based on the level of formality and the tone and style of the email.
  • The AI email generator will provide you with 3 email variations from which you can pick one, customize further and send.
  • The platform provides you with the option to generate emails manually by providing keywords and the intention of the email or select an email template and provide just the relevant keywords.