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AI Copy Generator

Use advanced artificial intelligence to generate content for your website, blog or marketing materials.

AI-powered Writing Tools

Use advanced artificial intelligence to improve the quality of your content by fixing style and grammar errors.

Content Copywriting

The proven formulas for creating structured statements about your product.

Email Copywriting

Generate sales emails copy with powerful words and phrases for your product.


Effective ways to bring new ideas into your Product.

Summary Generator

Shorten documents to summaries. Get a sense of what people are saying about different topics without being overwhelmed.

SEO Checker

Coming soon

Analyze and grade your content with our AI-powered SEO checker


Use powerful tools to create a strong voice for your content landing pages.

More Features

Simplifying content

Simplify your articles, essays and reports with advanced artificial intelligence.

Translating content

Translate your documents into another language with high accuracy, built on top of advanced language models like GPT-3

Summarizing content

Summarize your documents and extract the key points with built in intelligence.


The positive outcomes achieved by the organization can be attributed to the efforts and commitment of the staff.

The staff did a good job and that is why the organization was successful.

An affordable, yet powerful AI copywriting platform

Maila offers a cost-effective plan that allows its users to generate up to 50K characters (~ 10,000 words) per month free of cost, across various domains and contexts. In case the monthly usage exceeds 50K characters, users can opt for the monthly premium plan to continue generating content as per their needs.



  • Ideal for individuals

  • 10K words/month *

  • Access to free templates


Basic Premium

  • Ideal for copywriters and content creators

  • 500K words/month *

  • Access all templates

  • 24/7 support


Unlimited Premium

  • Ideal for start-ups & businesses

  • Unlimited words/month *

  • Access all templates

  • Customized models

  • 24/7 support

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* To mitigate the risk of misuse, a limitation of 4 generations per minute was put in place. This effect is not noticeable to a normal user, but it prevents bots, automated systems from generating content at a high rate.

Our AI-generated content is plagiarism-free and accurate.

AI based content generation can be used for a variety of purposes in businesses. This type of content can help with product descriptions, social media updates, email subject lines and much more. Having an AI writing assistant can help save time and improve the quality of the content produced.

AI-generated copy can be a great way to save time, especially if you're short-staffed. AI powered copywriting can produce content faster than a human writer.

Yes, we support languages other than English. The best quality translations are currently available in English.

Yes, we offer custom solutions to our clients. Please contact us for more information.

Our AI-powered copywriting tools are designed to produce content that is indistinguishable from human-written content.