How to change the style of texts using

Step 1: Access the dashboard and write a paragraph text. Step 2: selected a paragraph of text and click the "to formal style" button. Step 3: The result will be shown on on the right sidebar of the dashboard.

We uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform your texts. into a formal style. If the result is not accurate, try again. everytime you use the tool, the result will be different.

What is the tool? is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate texts, it can write an informed text, it can summarize a text, it can transform a text from a formal style to an informal style, and more.

What is the informal style?

The informal style is a style that is comfortable and relaxed. this is the style we use when talking with friends and family. This style uses contractions and colloquial words, it does not follow the rules of grammar and syntax.

What is the formal style?

The formal style is an academic style, the writing should be concise, the sentences should be complete, avoiding contractions and colloquial words, and the tone should be objective.